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.Thursday, March 11, 2010 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

wow, it's 2010 already LOL!
ah, i really don't know how to start blogging. uh... um... well... 
i resigned my work previously but boss offered higher salary so i'm back once again lol!
in summary,
celebrated chinese new year as usual it's always fun with all my cousins around gambled throughout a day. valentine's day, baby brought me to a romantic restaurant that i have never heard before, it was so sweet and the food was so dam nice! (thumbs up for the mushroom, best one i have ever had)
went for a chinese new year outing with Tooties, everyone was so well dressed <3
birthdays and maybe some other stuffs that i couldnt recall.

trying to find more time to meet all my friends recently, i really don't like losing contacts due to the lack of time.
just this year, i have experienced some new feelings towards baby, there are good and bad ones but we're all fine especially when he knows how to give in to me when it's needed.

i don't know if anyone is still checking on my blog as it was so dead previously, but for those who are still doing so, thanks! love love <3

.Thursday, December 10, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

Haven't been blogging for so long lol.
Yay! Going to Taiwan next friday~ so looking forward to it!
Baby is so busy in camp, yet I'm so rotting at home ;;  So bored!!!!!

lol really have nothing to blog about. will be back with more contents after the Taiwan trip!

.Thursday, November 26, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

are you only contented after all these? sacrificing the one u claimed to say u love just to prove that you're right? now that you have proved it. good for you.

.Tuesday, November 17, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

Backie~ Sigh.
Somehow.. I realised that I dont really bear to leave this office.. my boss.. my colleagues.. (except HER) everyone is so nice (except HER!!) well.. I will still be back in this office! I won't let Ee Fann and Shann down. I also realised that I actually looked upon Shann as my role model so much, but I didn't know it till recently. Just wait till I reach 21, it will be the time when P38 really grows and I mean it!

ok.. anyway~ We celebrated our 2nd year anniversary watching a movie and the dinner in Marina Bay pier, some sort of boat buffet dining. The boat has a really nice ambience and the food was fantastic! but the problem is.......... I GET SEASICK FUCKING EASILY!!!! Baby planned so well for our anniversary and I know that he was quite disappointed, just that he didn't show it out. Sorry baby, didnt mean it ;; we shall get any other future dinners in restaurants that stand still on ground ones ok, not moving moving ones ok?? hahaha! <33

What else? oh yea, 2 of the Tooties babes are celebrating their birthday on this Sunday, and I'm sure that we're gonna rock it down!!

Gotta get back to my work already! cya ppl~ 

.Wednesday, November 4, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

Hey PPL! I passed my M5 - Capital Makets & Financial Advisory Services!
Been so long since I have taken an exam already and frankly speaking I'm not someone who can study. The moment I want to study, definitely I would get sleepy.
Anyway I passed and I'm really happy about it! 2 more exams to go and I can be officially contracted as an insurance agent (when I turn 21 -.-")

4 more days to our 2nd Year Anniversary! Won't be spending alot on that day as we are saving hard for the Taiwan trip!

sigh. contradicting. what do I really want......

.Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

Hello peeps.
We have booked our tickets and hotel to Taiwan, from 18th Dec - 22nd Dec. soooo looking forward to it!!

Anyway, I took my M5 exam paper ytd, and I failed it. I could say that I'm really unlucky to get all the tricky and difficult questions, but well, don't wanna blame it on the questions. I will still re-take it, just feel bad wasting my boss's money for the exam fees.
Had quite a bad day ytd, menses cramp for the entire day, failed my M5 and quarrelled with xiaobai. Sorry xiaobai, we just chose the wrong timing to talk on sensitive stuffs. lol. But well, everything is alright now.

Oh yea friends, in the meantime, please let me know if you have any jobs available for me. Will only be working in this office till the end of Nov.

Gonna meet baby during his nites out in awhile. <3

.Tuesday, October 20, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

I'm gonna be jobless at the end of November lol. Told the boss about my resignation ytd. Couldn't tolerate my colleague's attitude and her freaking PMS anymore. She's really the worst working partner I have ever met. Seriously speaking, she can be such a person who pulls a long black face throughout the whole freaking day! Well, I do have some nice colleagues over here, whom I don't really bear to leave, sigh. I will still be coming back to the office for some trainings and will be able to visit them frequently.

Anyway, Baby is bringing me to Taiwan on my birthday! So excited about it! Thanks baby!! Looking forward to Dec. A new job awaiting for me and also the Taiwan trip. <333

.Friday, October 16, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

bored bored bored.
procrastinating..... taking my M5 exam paper on the 27th Oct, only given 2 weeks to study. The book is in front of me yet I'm not even looking at it. sigh.
how I wish that I can remain as a kid forever, mummy pampering me, no obligation to come to work, no nothing!

when can I ever stop working? it's just the negative side of me acting up again.
fucked up.

.Thursday, October 8, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

Happy Anniversary Baby~ it's the 23rd month already, love you <33

sigh, I don't really know what's wrong with me, but I'm feeling so moody and lonely. Perhaps it's because I haven't seen baby for quite a few days already and he's way too busy with all the exercises that they are having. Realized that I have been kind of negative for the past few days, procrastinating, feeling down for every tiny matters and having countless of wild thoughts every night before I could get to sleep. I must stop behaving like this for god sake. diu.

Having BST (Basic Sales Training) in the evening today and thanks to Bong, Ah boy and Nigel, they are willing to come and attend it! ^_^

.Tuesday, October 6, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

I'm back. Not dead yet. Had been so sick last week, sigh. Asthma attack again and so serious this time ;;
Luckily baby was around to take care of me, nagging at me to take medicine, preparing food for me to eat and giving me that fierce look when I wanna take cold drinks LOL! Thanks baby! love you <33

Now I'm back in the office, as usual, not enjoying myself except for my lunch break with Andy and Jocelyn.
Sigh, I don't like working here anymore. No freedom, no nothing. Once I thought that this place has a good working environment, with a good and understanding boss, good colleagues working with me. I was so wrong. sigh. Even when I was so sick and had no choice but to take MC, people just wouldn't believe it and someone here is always showing some freaking attitude every single day, I don't even know what's wrong with her! Don't even know how have I offended her! Gradually knowing about the politics that are happening in the office. Nothing is keeping me here. But I just can't quit yet! Not when I have not found another job. Still have to support my parents, sister wants to go Thailand, saving some money for her to spend over there, my own expenses and bills. I just can't quit this job no matter how sick and tired I am. Please let me know if there's any available jobs elsewhere.

.Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

I'm so sick!! Dying in the office.. So weak and breathless! I need rest!!

.Monday, September 28, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

Yoyoyo! I'm back! Fantastic weekend spent with baby <3
Silly boy rented a car just to drive me around, so sweet! We got lost for so many times hahaha, but still managed to get to the destination all the time. That was also the first time that I got so nervous sitting in a car. Now I can totally understand how a woman would be when her boyfriend/husband is driving. "careful careful!" "look look, someone is crossing!" "slow down!"  =X
We're gonna save hard and afford a car ourselves in future!

Baby is booking out tmr again. So happy!

*sore throat and running nose is killing me! dam.  

 The silly boy <3

.Thursday, September 24, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

I hate the NS journey that baby is going through now. I don't like them! They are not fit to love someone else! The immature thinking, not respecting and nonchalant attitude for their loved ones are really unbearable! I believe that even a kid would know how to treat others in a fair way, e.g. If you dislike others doing things behind your back, you yourself don't do it too! I don't give a shit to the saying, "nothing is fair in this world" bullshit it is. I really hate how people sees a woman having an affair is being called "shameless, slut, 给男人戴绿帽" while a man having an affair, it would be "normal, a man needs it, nothing serious"
Seriously, that's fucking bullshit to me, to all those guys that are reading my blog, give some comments on this.

Baby, I want you to know that, I trust you because you're a really a sweet and nice boyfriend, but yet it's difficult to trust as you are facing them everyday and you're a man too. I know that you have no choice and you have to be with them, as you are stucked in there. Yes I know I'm lacking of self-confidence right now and wrong for not trusting you wholeheartedly. It's difficult to achieve that high standard of "trust" when facing the reality that they are always around you. I'm not a saint, I'm just a woman and all I want from you is, please be fair to me, it's more than enough. I love you.

.Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

I have a chauffeur without a car ROFL! anyway he will be renting a car soon just to drive me around! so looking forward to it! Silly boy wanting to drive me like mad but I love him being silly =p
So relieve that I still have some people to hang out with in this office. Things would be so difficult for me without them around. Thanks Andy, Jocelyn, Charles, Clarise, Dai Lin, Avenlin and Ping Ding!
Yay! just got a news that I don't have to work overtime tmr! The training is re-scheduled to 2 weeks later hehe!
So happy recently! My WoW char is lvl 80 already! *addict
Sneezing so badly in the office today. Baby must be missing me too much. LOL!

*back to work. ciaos~ <3

.Monday, September 14, 2009 Y
I miss you, I love you. Waiting for you.

So much to say!!
I shall start with the situation that I'm facing in the office recently. Way too much of politics after the merging of the entire agency. I don't know what's wrong in her mind, complaining and backstabbing are her only forte? What can she gain from that?! Nothing but politics and all sort of troubles isn't it! sigh. I call her the Black-Faced Demon, showing attitude and putting on an aggressive look everyday. Here I introduce all of you another creature, the 2 Faced Lizard Demon! His only ability is being a hypocrite! Being nice in front of you and stabs you at the back, not for one time but fucking many times! Both of them really suit each others, best couple in the century. Pls fuck off from my life,unless it's necessary, WE SHALL NOT TALK!

Now for the happier part!
One falls on 11th Sep and the other one 12th Sep. Thanks to my parents! I see holes in my wallet -.-
Anyway, I hope both of them enjoyed this year as this is the only year that I really put in some efforts to make it memorable.
To Wei: don't be so pessimistic in future, have more confidence in your friends and most importantly, yourself! Unless you lose faith in yourself, no one is gonna abandon you. Get this in your brain! 
To Hui: enjoyed the surprise we planned? haha! you ah! try to control your attitude and the tonality when you reply others! don't have to be so hostile all the time.  

Now a part dedicated to Baby.
Baby~ I know that my temper is getting really bad recently. I can really feel the stress in my work and also the situation here is really pissing my ass off. Sorry for shouting and throwing temper at you. I also noticed that I get annoyed by tiny little issues, I don't want it this way too. You're my everything. Thank god that you can always tolerate me, telling me all these by talking to me and not shouting me back. I can never tolerate people shouting at me lol. Finally we got to level 70 already! Just 10 more levels to go! So looking forward to it! hahaha! 
Last but not least, I Love You Baby, Forever and Ever! <3


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My Baby of course <3333333333333
All my Darlings <33
My Bball team mates

-More Overseas trip with baby! <33
-Financial problems to be solved
-Money to buy whatever I want!!
-The end of Baby's National Service
-Able to cook some dishes for baby <--- LOL
-No arguements with baby <-- impossible LOL
-Have the time to meet up with all my friends
-Friendships to last forever and ever
-Have the chance to visit everyone in Vancouver
-The NIKE Bag that I saw!
-Our team jersey with all the new members <3
-A bigger house for my family, a room of my own
-A new laptop!!!
-More photos with baby
-More time with baby


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